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Experienced cross-platform commercial software developer (over 40 commercial software products). Designed and wrote mission-critical color proofing software used by major publishers in North America and Europe, including Time Inc. (Sports Illustrated, People, Time, Life), Hearst Corporation (Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle), Nike, and Associated Newspapers Ltd (Daily Mail, Weekend, Live). Possesses an in-depth understanding of client-server protocols and a track record of accurate project estimates using Agile Software Development methodologies (Scrum). Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to clearly communicate very technical concepts between engineers, senior management, and the user community. Highly organized, detail oriented, with expertise in short and long term planning.

Adept at resolving complex architectural software design issues: analyzes systems for inefficiency, increases throughput by introducing parallelism, identifies bottlenecks and designs solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Innovative at utilizing open-source software to solve commercial business requirements.

Product Areas of Interest

eCommerce, Web Servers and CGI, Web Database Systems, Multimedia, Graphics, Visual Databases, Iconic Languages, Simulation, Telepresence, Animation, Authoring Systems, Web Portals

Technical Expertise

Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.x: 10 years, Windows 95/98/NT/XP/7: 9 years, Macintosh (Systems 4-9): 15 years, Mac OS X Server: 6 years

Computer Languages: C++: 20 years, C: 25 years, Java/JSP: 6 years, JavaScript: 6 years, PHP: 6 years, Adobe Flex: 1 year

Technologies and Products: SaaS, client-server architecture and API design, Flex RIA user interfaces and front-end portals, Tomcat, Apache, Java, JSP, PHP, LAMP, Security, C++, browser plugins (NPAPI, ActiveX), XML, XSLT, SOAP Web Services, REST services, MySQL, JDBC, Mac OS X, VMWare scripting, automated testing, Mac + Windows installers (Vise, PackageMaker), High Availability servers, automated workflow, SalesForce Apex Triggers, Remote Software Team management, Agile software development with Rally, Xcode, Eclipse

Project Management: Agile software development for a small team of developers spread across nine time zones and three languages


Service Now

Del Mar, CA. 1/2012 - present

Senior Java Developer
Senior Technology Alliance Architect
Voiceover Artist for Technical Videos:

Integrated Color Solutions

Carlsbad, CA. 7/2002 - 1/2012

Senior Internet Software Architect

Accomplishment: Working closely with upper management and a team of engineers around the world, designed and implemented a multi-tier distributed system of hundreds of worldwide Java/JDBC/MySQL (Mac & Windows) Image Servers controlling PostScript RIP renderers and custom C++ command-line tools.

  1. Saved TV Guide $100,000/month and shaved two days off their five-day proofing cycle

  2. Designed, coded, and maintained High-Availability RackSpace cloud Linux servers in China, USA, and UK with downtime measured in minutes/year

  3. Ported physical servers to RackSpace cloud in order to reduce costs and increase reliability; tuned MySQL for 200% increase in query speeds

  4. Mentored junior engineers, teaching OOP design principles and best practices for C++, ActionScript, Flex, and Javascript

  5. Architected MySQL database for OnColor™ color synthesis product (a $2.5M contract), streamlined MySQL queries for 60X speed improvement searching through 10 million spectral data records in 4-dimensional colorspace

  6. Wrote C++ presence server that maintains real-time messaging between hundreds of clients simultaneously. Wrote PHP and MySQL code and APIs for back-end accounting, user logins, and tracking via Apache on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

  7. Took the initiative to write fully-automated build+test of both Mac and Windows Apache Image Server installers using VMWare shell scripting and JSP unit test pages. This reduced test cycle from 6 hours to 8 minutes per installer build

  8. Co-wrote Remote Director 4.0: Adobe Flex-based enterprise administrative and end-user interface for client-server color proof management. Blended Adobe Flex ActionScript with native C++ (NPAPI and ActiveX) browser plug-ins for seamless native-looking UI (considered impossible by both Apple and Adobe engineers). SaaS Apex integration with SalesForce

  9. Co-wrote Remote Director version 2.0 through 3.7: Qt 3.x C++ cross-platform soft proofing for color-accurate images. Designed and implemented RESTful and SOAP APIs for back-end enterprise servers; wrote all Java, JSP, and MySQL to support worldwide distributed architecture

Blue World Communications

Bellevue, WA. 9/2000 - 5/2002

Director of Engineering

  1. Managed a mixed team of remote/in-house cross-platform programmers to write Windows NT/2000, Mac OS X, Linux versions of Lasso Professional 5, moving product through entire life cycle, from draft proposals to finished shrink-wrap

  2. Designed and implemented strategies for remote project management, using TestTrack and Perforce

  3. Managed Alpha and Beta programs, and QA with in-house test engineers

Smith Micro Software

San Diego, CA. 9/1999 - 9/2000 (continued from Pacific Coast Software)

Director, Internet Solutions Division Engineering

  1. Managed team of cross-platform programmers to write Windows NT/98/2000, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, Cobalt and Mac OS X Servers versions of WebCatalog™ 4.0

  2. Personally wrote core cross-platform code for WebDNA™ 4.0, the embedded language in WebCatalog

  3. Designed HTML user interface for WebCatalog, WebMerchant and StoreBuilder using WebDNA language

  4. Designed and incorporated Wireless WebDNA cell-phone eCommerce features into StoreBuilder portion of WebCatalog

  5. Co-wrote WebCatalog Builder™, a Windows and Macintosh off-the-shelf entry-level eCommerce product for small businesses

  6. Designed and wrote many web sites, including FontBureau

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